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Employee Assistance
Program and Services

Since most personal problems, if left unattended, eventually have an impact in the workplace, employers ultimately shoulder a cost for their troubled employees. At least 20 percent of the workforce suffers from some type of mental health or substance abuse problem. This costs American industries more than $270 billion in lost productivity and treatment costs each year.

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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a comprehensive, confidential, counseling and referral service used by organizations to assist in the early identification and resolution of productivity problems. EAPs reach out to employees who may be experiencing all kinds of personal problems such as health, marital, family, financial, drug/alcohol, legal, emotional or stress issues.

Employers often don't know what to say or do when these types of problems are brought up or affect job performance. Some have terminated these workers and started fresh with new ones. In some cases, this may work. However, it often makes better sense (from both a business and humanitarian point of view) to help employees overcome their problems.

An EAP is a job-based program intended to assist management in addressing productivity issues and workers in identifying and resolving personal concerns. EAPs are cost-effective, because they help retain employees while reducing accidents, workers' compensation claims, absenteeism and employee theft. They also contribute to improved productivity and morale.

Note: Please check with your employer to confirm the inclusion of any of the services described in this web site in your employee benefits.

To learn more about EAPs and their purpose, contact the Employee Assistance Professionals Association

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