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EAP Systems

EAP Systems employee assistance program was begun in 1984 as a service of the Ft. Hamilton-Hughes Hospital. It is now part of the Health Alliance behavioral health services, a recognized leader in behavioral health.

EAP Systems serves over 40 companies representing more than 30,000 employees and family members in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

EAP Systems counselors assist eligible employees and their dependents in addressing work-related and personal concerns. We offer:

  • Free short term counseling for employees and dependents
  • Resources for parenting and childcare, caring for an elderly loved one, legal consultations and financial counseling
  • Workplace seminars on interesting and timely topics
  • Referral to community resources if needed beyond the brief counseling
  • Affiliated counselors outside of the immediate tri-state area
  • 24 hour crisis response by the counseling staff of EAP Systems

Support and consultation is also offered to any level of management and human resource representatives. Services include:

  • Manager training on performance review
  • Basic management skills training
  • Support during organizational change
  • Team building and managing conflict in the workplace
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EAP Systems


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